I believe that each and every one of us has the ability to live gigantic lives.  Not run of the mill gigantic lives, like professional athletes, or actors.  I mean GIGANTIC LIVES.  Lives in which you are bigger than you ever imagined you could be.  How do you get big?  By making a positive impact on someone else’s life.john-torcasio-564037-unsplash 

The state of the world is proof that we are not living gigantically.  In fact, it’s proof that the vast majority of the 7 billion + people on this earth are living very, very, small lives.

The World Never Changes

In reality, our world has been the same since the beginning of time.  We are living in a world filled with hatred for one another, a world filled with fear, with war, with famine, and kids who go to bed hungry.  A world with kidnappings, and rape, and murder, and pestilence.  A world where the haves lord over the have-nots.  Where we refuse to treat others with dignity just because they look different from us, or dress differently from us, or speak differently from us, or have a job we would never lower ourselves to have, or because they don’t have a job at all.  The homeless, the sick, the incarcerated, are all looked down upon. 


Read a few history books or even the Old Testament and you’ll see that I’m right.  Man hasn’t changed.  In centuries, man hasn’t changed.

Why Hasn’t Man Changed The World For Centuries?

The reason he hasn’t changed is fear.  Now,  you’re human, so you know I can fill a book and still wouldn’t be able to list all of the fears that man has created for himself, but those fears don’t matter, because it’s one fear and one fear alone that keeps us stuck in the same world our ancestors were stuck in. 

It’s our fear to live into our true potential as human beings.  We are afraid to live gigantically, even though each and every one of us was born with the capacity to do so.  It doesn’t matter what country, or family, or body, we were born into.  We all have the capacity to live much bigger than we are.  Much more powerfully than we are.

Our Real Power Is Our Compassion

Our true potential, our real power, lies in our compassion for each other.  It lies in our ability to love each other unconditionally.  It lies in our creativity to imagine and then build another way to exist in this world.

Think of it!  Can you imagine what this world would look like if we chose to live in a mindset of abundance?  One where we truly believed that to quote Zig Ziglar, “We can have anything we want in life, we just have to help enough other people get what they want.nadi-whatisdelirium-313214-unsplash 

Zig actually said that from a utopian mindset.  In our world today, there are billions of people who have needs, not just wants, but real survival-based needs. 

Our Needs Aren’t Being Met

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, are physiological, safety, love/belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization.

With today’s technology and delivery systems, we should see 7 billion + people in the self-actualization stage.  But we don’t, do we? 

We see billions of people at the bottom level, the physiological level, where they are struggling every day for air, water, food, clothing, and shelter.  This alone should be absolutely unacceptable to us.  This alone should be driving us to be living much bigger lives, trying to level the playing field, by making it possible for every human to have these basic survival needs met.


With today’s technology, we should never have people in this world who live in fear of their physical safety, the safety of their health, the safety of their nest eggs.  We should never have to fear someone will take these away from us once we have them.

Technology alone can solve these issues, for the most part, the upper 3 levels of the hierarchy pyramid, love/belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization, is what would guarantee that the bottom 2 are secure. 

The upper 3 levels may even take care of themselves if the bottom 2 were guaranteed. 

It’s Not An ISM

I’m not talking socialism, or communism or any other kind of ism.  I’m talking about getting outside of yourself and doing your part, whatever that looks like, to make sure every one of us has a chance to live big.  To live to our full potential.  To live gigantically.

That could look like being the best teacher you can be.  That could show up as being the best scout leader, or soccer coach you can be.

heather-mount-607071-unsplashIt could be providing a blanket to the homeless person who sleeps in the bushes outside of the building where you work. 

Maybe it’s creating a real education program to the incarcerated that doesn’t need federal funding to survive. 

It might be donating time or money to your local free clinic, to help the unhealthy get healthy and able to work again. 

Possibly giving a job to someone who really needs it. 

Maybe it’s just standing up for someone who is being bullied, and maybe it’s just being kind to everyone you meet on any given day.

You’re probably thinking that some of these sound like little things.  My question to you is, are you even doing the little things?

Little things, done consistently, with a purpose, over time can become big things.  Even the little behaviors can have a huge impact on the lives of the person on the receiving end.

I don’t know what living up to your potential looks like for you.  I’m not even sure what it looks like for me. 

Here’s the fun part, whenever I think that I’ve reached my potential, I look up and realize that there is so much more I’m capable of achieving, creating, doing, giving, being.

It’s entirely possible that I may never reach my full potential to live a gigantic life in the years I have on this planet.  BUT, just imagine how impactful I can be along the way!  You have the ability to be positively impactful, too.  We all do.  We all must.

Is This Just Some Weird Tangent?

You may know that I am a Business and Sales Coach, and you’re probably wondering why I’ve gone off on this tangent of Living Gigantic Lives.  Maybe, just maybe, I have a point.

What if, now open your minds, what if, when you walked into that next networking event you weren’t looking for your next lead?  I know, a weird thought, but hang in there with me.

What if, now keep your minds open, you were able to look around the room and be able to determine who was living their lives small and who were living their lives gigantically?

If you could do this, who would you walk up to, and why?  

What do you think this says about your efforts to live gigantically, and why?

Could it be possible that we can live gigantically and don’t even know we’re doing it?

Really take the time to think about your answers.

This could be my positive impact on your life.  This whole article could possibly be me living gigantically in the world.  I’ll only know if you tell me what your answers to these questions are, for you.

Please share your thoughts.  I do really want to know what you think.

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