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I was stuck. I mean stuck, both literally and mentally. You see, I had taken a sales job in another city. A city a full 8 hour drive from my home and my Guy. My intention was to split my time evenly between my home city and my work city for a year, while I ramped up my pipeline in my work city.

As luck would have it, I was offered the opportunity to pet sit in my work city. This was perfect! Even better, it was a barter agreement. I got the house, the kitchen, the HVAC, the WiFi, and the kitties at no cost to me. The homeowner got someone to live in and take care of their home and love on their kitties, at no cost to them, while they traveled the world for 5 months. FIVE MONTHS!

It was the first time I would be alone for Halloween, Thanksgiving, his birthday, Christmas, New Years, and my birthday, since Guy and I had met 17 years earlier. To be away from home that long was almost inconceivable.

Together, Guy and I decided it was worth it. I would have 5 uninterrupted months to really focus on creating a powerful pipeline and to make really great connections in a city where I knew nearly no-one. I started the pet sit in the middle of October and was really making some headway in creating a well connected network that would lead to that well filled pipeline.

Unfortunately, 6 weeks into my pet sit, my plans were completely shattered. The company I was working for changed its’ business model and I was no longer needed in the city I was selling in. On December 1st I left the company.

But I couldn’t go home. The kitties and their owners needed me to fulfill my commitment to them. I was facing 3 1/2 long, cold, months in a city that I was only beginning to get acquainted with.

My support system was made up of the few new local friendships I had established. I missed home, a lot. I was stuck, both literally and physically. To make matters worse I was stuck with zero income of my own and we were forced to stretch Guy’s income to cover my living costs as well.

I took the month of December to get my head around my options. Guy came for 2 weeks and we were able to spend Christmas and New Years together. That helped my recovery a lot.

During that month I did a lot of soul searching and a lot of business reading. Out of it came a list of all of my strengths, skill sets, and things I could see myself doing for the next 20+ years. I also recognized that I had 40 years of successful sales and management behind me.

I came to know that I am resilient above all else, and that what appears to others to be set backs, I naturally look at as opportunities, and that I love to teach.

I took this information and launched a blog, created a course, and started my new job as an independent Business Coach, January 2nd, just 32 days after my original plans were shattered.

My Coaching Business kept me traveling back and forth between my home city and my work city for 3 more years. I was able to leverage the relationships I had built, while working for the other company, to fill my calendar for my coaching services.

Over time I have adjusted my focus and now work almost solely as a Body Language Coach, where I get the pleasure of teaching my clients how to read the silent language their employees, and clients are shouting at them, all day long. I also teach my clients how to recognize what their own Body Language is telling others and themselves.

It’s fun, gratifying, and definitely a job I can see myself doing forever.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know my story. I would love to get to know yours. Please hop over to the Contact Us page and complete the form and I will be in touch very soon.

Warmest Regards,