Here is what some of the Accelerate Your Network course participants have to say:

Linda’s Networking Course really helped me change the way I network and attract new clients.  Her Program taught me how to become more organized, more strategic, and saved me lots of wasted time when networking with others.

Through her program, I have attracted the perfect clients for my business and those clients continue to refer new clients to me.  As I continue to implement the tools learned, networking has become a task I look forward to doing for my business!

~Mo R.~

Eight hours were a full day of learning with Linda and worth the time and money.  The 8 hours was a great overview of what is to come in the next 12 weeks, which I totally look forward to for the accountability.  Throughout the day, I tried not to think too much of the process because I knew that as we went through the 12 weeks, it would be clearer. 

I have been on several webinars about your WHY and making your avatar, but have never followed through on the training.  Linda’s training is different from the webinars that I have been on – the webinars always just looked ahead.  Linda has us look in the past to see where we have been and to use that as a basis for our future.

The biggest take away from the day….I expected to learn a system, but left with knowing my WHY. 

~Ronalyn W~

Today’s session was great!  The exercises lead to some unexpected epiphanies.  The structure of the Networking Program was great.  It is laid out in a simple handbook type structure that will enable me to build a phenomenal network.

~Kurt S~

My eyes were opened by this amazing program!

~Karen N~